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Spiro Photography

Spiro is the combining form of Latin origin, spīrāre: “I breathe”.

Founded and curated by photographer Adam ONeill, Spiro Photography is a collaborative of photographers and editors built to breathe life into your brand's visual story.

We have decades of experience traveling the world with brands that expect and receive the perfection we provide.  With editors available on-site, optional facial-recognition capabilities, and attendee photo galleries, our efficient workflow and fast turnaround times ensure successful event coverage and delivery as quickly as needed. 

We have a proven track record of providing consistent, high-quality photos that capture the essence of each event.  Infinitely scalable from one photographer to a dozen or more, we can handle all of your needs no matter how large or small your event is.


Contact us at your convenience to learn more and collaborate with us at your next event.  

Adam ONeill Spiro Photography


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